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December 9th
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December 9th

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Secret Santa Bear is just like Secret Santa!
Except I’m your co-worker. And I make all your presents. 

This year has brought plenty of surprises, so let’s add another one in to the mix! 

All you have to do is purchase the day of your choice. Behind each day is your Secret Santa Day painting! And it will be revealed to you on the day that you chose! 

There are 12 paintings total, and each one is 12x12 inches. 1.5 inches deep. They are all ready to hang and varnished. 

What you WILL NOT know about your painting:

• Which one you’re getting until the day that you have chosen comes around (I will announce them on social media so be sure to have notifications turned on- or just wait for it to arrive for even more of a surprise!)
• What colour scheme you’re getting 

What you WILL know about your painting:

• It’s an animal or bird that you would find in Canada
• That it’s an original acrylic on canvas and signed by Lisa Joan
• That they usually sell for $240cad. So you are only paying 50%! 

In case I haven’t mentioned already, your painting is a total surprise. As much as I would love to match you to your favourite, it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else and also this is all about your painting choosing you!

Maybe you won’t even know what this painting will mean to you until a later date, just know that I am choosing them for each person at total random so the painting that you end up with is destined for you! 

Lots of Love, 


Secret Santa Bear xxx