About Lisa Joan

As a wildlife artist living in Vancouver Island, BC, Lisa Joan has a strong passion for painting bright and bold animals with instantly recognizable brush strokes. Her artwork showcases the strong personalities of the wildlife she depicts, capturing their unique characteristics with vibrant colors and bold lines.

By using neutral backgrounds and little to no context, Lisa's art allows the observer to be free from the confines of human bias. There is no knowledge of sex or gender, whether the animals are in love or fighting, or what their social status might be. To take in her art is to see so purely what it is you will see through a lens of your own.

Lisa's inspiration comes from her own life as a single parent, raising two small children. Her decision to pursue a full-time career as an artist was motivated by her desire to demonstrate the importance of living a creative life and following her dreams. As a result, her artwork is infused with a sense of strength and confidence, much like the bears she finds particularly inspiring.

Through her art, Lisa aims to not only showcase the beauty of wildlife but also to inspire others to live their lives with courage and determination. Her work is a testament to the power of creativity and the ability to overcome obstacles, making her an artist worth following.