About Lisa Joan

A professional wildlife portrait artist, Lisa Joan’s bold pallet paintings are a pop-art inspired blend of vibrant, high contrast colours and whimsical realism that calls you face to face with the heartbeat of every living creature she brings to the canvas. Lisa’s art evokes a deep level of connection to the emotion found in her paintings, limitless with story and possibility. Through neutral backgrounds and little to no context to tell of where the animals are or what they’re doing, the observer is free from the confines of human bias; there is no knowledge of sex or gender, whether the animals are in love or fighting, or what their social status might be. To take in her art is to see so purely what it is you will see through a lens of your own.
Lisa made her home and studio on the West Coast of Vancouver Island after leaving England 15 years ago and she hasn’t looked back. She continues to be inspired by the nature that surrounds her and by her own two wildling children who motivate her to continue making art every day. Being able to live and breath art as a full time endeavor since 2014 has been a dream become reality, with her art now reaching across the globe on the walls and murals of her dedicated following that make her passion for creating possible.